What is SnapDish?

SnapDish is a photo application that makes your everyday cooking more enjoyable and delicious.
Process your dish photo to make it look delicious and share in a single tap.
Convenient for interacting through food photos with those who like to cook and share recipes.

Very easy to use.
Take a photo of the dish you have cooked or are ready to eat.
All you need to do is 'cook' your photo to make it look delicious with a single tap and it is ready to post.
In an instant, you can share the 'delicious' excitement with your friends and other people who like to cook.

If you find dish photos that look delicious, tap on the 'Yummy!' button.
Post comments or ask for the recipe.
Cook other user's recipes and connect by posting a 'Cooked it' photo.
Interact with other users and share the excitement.

What should I cook today?
If you can't make up your mind on what to cook, find dishes or recipes from popular dishes or categories.
You'll be able to find dishes and recipes for tonight's meal!
It's a convenient app that lets you find tons of ideas for cooking your next dish.
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